Sky High Dog Training is a small business that focuses on the theory of dog training and building a strong bond between dog and owner.  They needed rebrand with focus on a new logo.
Skye Grace, the owner of Sky High Dog Training, wanted the branding to reflect their fun personality, and to showcase beautiful Colorado. Skye is also a huge fan of teals and blues, and puts it on everything dog, leashes, collars, harnesses. Their hair and their dog's tail are dyed matching blues.
I used an icon of Newt, the top dog of Sky High, to represent the business, him holding his leash and looking right out at you.

Sky High is a small business, and thus probably wont be doing any large scale printing that would make spot colors cost effective. Thus I chose colors that work great with regular CMYK printing

Sketches and early concepts

A letterhead, two business cards, and two pencils with a dark blue background. The letterhead and business cards feature blue poodle icons and the words sky high dog training.

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